Camor Products, an industry leader in custom injection molding, plastic decoration, finishing and assembly and has been operating in Canada for 31 years. Our Management team boasts over 80 years of experience in the plastics field bringing knowledge and passion to every project we work on.

Be confident that your short or long run production work will be completed with the highest level of quality and attention to detail for the best price possible. Camor Products can provide development flexibility in all our projects because we have the tools, experience and the will to provide superior service to our customers.

At Camor Products we produce the highest quality solutions while providing a wide array of additional finishing, coatings, printing and assembly services. If it’s plastic, we can make it; from the smallest part to the most complex display and promotional items

Using agile workflow processes allows us to operate with lower overhead while being able to dedicate resources to new projects instantly and continuously. We understand that your priorities or needs can change instantly and that’s why Camor Products is tuned to react to customers’ needs first.

Our client relationships are direct and personal, and our goal is to have clear and open lines of communication during all stages of your project.

Camor is able and willing to take on special jobs that many other companies won’t consider doing due to difficulty or time-consuming setups. Our solutions are creative and solve problems in many fields every day such as the medical field, automotive field and technology fields.

All our molding, decorating, and assembly is done in house by dedicated professionals. This allows us to control all elements of production, ensuring the highest quality products, using the most cost-effective methods. We can accommodate long or small production runs.

Let us know how Camor Products can help you today.