Hot Stamping / Heat Transfers

The heat transfer technology is used for product decoration and identification. It involves a silk-screened image printed on a release carrier in roll form. The rolls are then placed on a hot stamping machine and transferred onto the product by means of heat and pressure. Transfers offer permanent decoration on a wide range of substrates including plastics, metals, rubber and wood. As a dry process transfers pose no environmental concerns.

Hot Stamping is used mark or add color to a substrate using heat and pressure. This allows the use of bright metallic¬† foils, colored foils, holograms and heat transfers. Heat Transfers allow intricate multicolored graphics to be applied in a single operation. We have the capabilities to accurately position and apply transfers. As a rule, fixtures for hot stamping are generally more expensive than pad printing because of the structural support required. We can accommodate an area of up to 6″ X 12″ with 2-1/2 tons pressure.