Pad Printing

Pad Printing Machine

One of the first areas to use pad printing was on watch dials. This technology is used widely now to print items that would be too complicated or expensive to decorate using any other process.

Pad printing is used a lot of the time to replace silk screening or hot stamping, giving the item a more “expensive” look.

Pad printed items such as computer keyboards, remote controls, stereos, car radios, car control devices, home appliances, compact discs and pens just to name a few; but the options are truly endless.

With 10 machines capable of printing on nearly any surface we provide the finishing touch to your product whether it is simple one color markings or intricate 4 color graphics. We can work with your files or provide you with the creative assistance to turn your ideas into reality.

– Proprietary and contract pad printing on plastic, cardboard, metal, glass, leather, chrome or wood. 1 to 4 spot colors

– Specialized links: Radio opaque (x-ray sensitive) Silver conductive (circuit boards)

– Print size one color, up to 200mm wide x 120mm high

– Print Size 4 color, up to 80mm wide x 120mm high

Pad Printing FAQs

Q. What type of art files can be supplied for pad printing & laser production?

A. Art files must be Vector art saved in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, EPS or PDF file format. All fonts, strokes and outlines must be converted to curve/object. Bitmap files produce poor results. Please feel free to call to discuss any art questions you may still have!

Q. Do you need to test ink adhesion?

A. This is a very important step, we test different inks on your product material to find the best option for the job.

Q. Why pad print and not screen printing?

A. Pad printing provides higher resolution of images. We can print on a wider variety of substrates, with better registration of colors and the ability to print onto almost any shape.